White Island Eruption

White Island Eruption

Any of you Kiwis near this?

I was just about to ask the same question…

Yep, saw that in the news, hopefuly it wont affect anyone downunder.

No but it is all over the news. 13 tourists dead. Why they were there in the first place I will never know. I know they take tours but I heard the warning level had been lifted to 4 (out of 5) a few days before the eruption.

There are always these crazy people who wants to stare the double barrel in the eye while it is firing.


This year the Darwin Award will be awarded for collective work.


Just read the authorities will start a criminal investigation.

I have a holiday property about 100km away as the crow flies but I wasn’t anywhere near at the time. I would possibly have been able to see the ash clouds from that location. I’m pretty upset for all those involved tbh.

Quite rightly so.

Where is that located, fellow Kiwi?

Hey Dobbie. I have 5 acres on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Wow, looks great out there @knob

Very nice. Nice location.

Thanks guys. Yes nice and peaceful and relaxing there. The shame is that everyone else thinks the same and heads there en masse.

Anyway - back on topic. Body recovery happening pretty much as I type this.

Yep. Madness. And sadness.

Don’t fuck with nature. White Island is one of the most volatile volcanoes. Even if the risk level was low, I wouldn’t do it. Monitoring equipment and best scientific judgement can only do so much.

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