While installing it shows install error

I want to install arch labs in my pc but it shows install error.

Can any body help me on this ?

Did you update the installer ! There was another thread that had issues installing, & @natemaia updated the installer, I ll try to find it, it might resolve your issue here.

Oh, found it, hope that it can be of some help;

From @natemaia

you can update it yourself using ;

curl -fSL https://bitbucket.org/archlabslinux/installer/raw/master/installer -o /usr/local/bin/installer
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Do I need to run this command while booting process starts.

Pretty shure that it s before the install process.

I would include what hardware also, it might help also. As we don t have much info about your install , if you have another distro installed or whatever.

I had a similar error that turned out to be simply because I was pressing the enter key instead of just waiting for the installation to finish
There was a bit after I had set up the installation parameters and then pressed ‘GO’ where it looked like it needed an entry to continue, but it didnt
sorry to be so vague - I remember thinking, ‘I must write that down’ …

PS if there are any 'T’s missing in the above text its because my damn keyboard is still playing up and I cant be @rsed o keep putting them in

The installer will update itself, no need.

It looks like you’re having issues with the package install section. Have you had this happen multiple times?

Try doing the following

reflector --verbose --connection-timeout 2 --threads 10 -l 250 -a 24 --score 100 --sort rate -f 5 --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

pacman -Syy


Failing this we can try a new iso.