While I'm waiting for my installation, what is your favorite game?

Mine would definitely be The Witcher 3. The story, the characters, and the places you can explore all come together to create one of the greatest pc gaming experience I’ve had.

Bad Company 2 (Multiplayer), Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 1-4, Dino Crisis 1 & 2, The Witcher 1 and my all time favorite OpenArena on oaweapons server. :rofl::dizzy_face:

I have sadly never played any of those :sweat_smile:

Did you manage to launch it on Linux?

CS:GO & Dungeon Crawl (Stone Soup edition).

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Yes! I use proton from steam and wine if it’s not supported in proton!

But the support in proton is amazing!

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I failed launching proton games on my optimus laptop. Actually it was months ago and I didn’t try very hard: I’m not really a gamer. Still did’t kill the 1st boss (Kejran) in the Witcher 2. :smiley:

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I tried Proton with Quake 2 and it wouldn’t start for me but it did allow me to copy the WAD files over so I could use Yamagi instead :slight_smile:

CS:GO and Day of Defeat… they both play real well on intel graphics :wink: