Which shell are you using?

I am currently using fish. Will check mksh and probably switch to mksh for it’s simplicity and speed.

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The one supplied by BL, bash.

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Testing fish currently. Was zsh before this. Ash on alpine.

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bash for my needs.

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Bash always forever.


ZSH as always.

Either mksh or oksh. The latter is a port of OpenBSD’s ksh(1) by one of the OpenBSD devs (ibara@).

EDIT: Trilby over at the Arch forums has commented on the quality of Busybox’s ash implementation (as used by Alpine), both from a user perspective and in respect of the code.

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Fish is easier to use than zsh.

Bash since that’s what I use for scripting. I like zsh but wouldn’t script in it. Fish is nice too.

Bash in OpenSuse; zsh in AL

Have you seen fizsh?


I’m using ash on kiss linux, zsh on archcraft


No, never heard of it before.

Using mksh now. So far, so good.

bash, because I have “a few” bash scripts in my ~/bin (664) :slight_smile:

I make to many “tpyos” being the Tpyo Knig" here, so things like:

a 98 line backup script makes things easier, Mind you there are a lot of ## lines as well.
and a whole bunch of aliases, samples:

 19 Oct 21 @ 11:08:32 ~
   $ alias get
alias get='sudo apt install --no-install-recommends'
 19 Oct 21 @ 11:08:37 ~
   $ alias getr
alias getr='sudo apt install'
 19 Oct 21 @ 11:08:58 ~
   $ alias sget
alias sget='apt install --no-install-recommends --simulate'
 19 Oct 21 @ 11:09:07 ~

Not to mention the bash scripts I use in my conkys.

Why switch if it works.

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Top scripts @Sector11

Sorry for necro-bouncing but I don’t come often and shell scripts are still a thing.

Thank you altman I make “aliases” and “functions” because I have “fatfingeritis” that have converted me into the Tpyo Knig!

Imagine me:
sufo apt imstall --mo-recommends {then copy and past some claws-mail file from a list given by "ser"}[enter]
-and the neighbours hearing the BSoO¹

 16 Jul 22 @ 17:06:30 ~
   $ alias ser
alias ser='aptitude search'
 16 Jul 22 @ 17:06:37 ~

where that might be atitude search

¹ blue-streak of obscenities


Bash form installed BL on my end.