Which image browser do you use?



Guys, could you recommend a simple image browser? I don’t want it to do any edition, just see thumbnails, zoomed picture and metadata. I’m currently on Mirage, but it behaves oddly. Also I don’t like the vertical thumbnail bar.


sxiv is what I use


Mirage on one BL install.


Thanks! Slightly too ascetic to my needs. :slight_smile:


I’m using geeqie.
Pretty simple, supports most image formats including raw photos.


Seems to have everything I need. Thanks!


I just use gpicviewer :smiley:


Another nice one. Did they add support for raw photo images to gpicview? I think that was on their to do list.


Simple and looks good. Wish it displayed thumbnails.


I was using viewnior but just looked at geeqie, depends on exiv2 gtk2 ffmpegthumbnailer, pretty good for the features it has and only 5 megs.


That I don’t know sorry Pack.


I also really like geeqie but the minimalist in me prefers sxiv :slight_smile: