Where to find CALAMAR


hello, or is the graphical installer CALAMAR because I created a bootable USB key but when I start the installation I do not have CALAMAR, in terms of partitioning I have two left feet so I like when it’s done automatically.

French user I use google translation :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome.

Calamares hasn’t been included with ArchLabs for quite some time. We use the text based installer based on ABIF called AL-Installer. This performs automatic partitioning.



I love this distribution because I loved the late CRUNSHBANG, but the installer did not do all the partitions automatically he asked me to do another

sdc1 swap -> sdc2 archlabs install -> sdc3 uefi


Are you dual booting?


no i have 1to hdd for windows 10 and 500go hdd for archlabs are not on the same hard drive.



how much MO allocated for the UEFI partition ?

Thank you


I’m not sure what you mean by “MO”, do you mean MB (megabytes)?


Mo stands for Mega Octets, which in english is indeed MB. ~500 is fine, at least for me.