Where to copy and paste icon fonts?

First off, the default configs for Archlabs are amazing. Nice work to the team.
In many places, icons fonts are used. For example: polybar config. I’m not sure exactly which font it is,
Icomoon, Material icons or Fontawesome, Ubuntu nerd fonts? Seems like Archlabs installs a lot by default.

In any case, I’d like to change around some of the icons in use, for example the workspace labels to match what I’d like to use the workspaces for. How do you enter these special characters? Is there a handy list of them to copy and paste? Perhaps a map of unicode codes to icons (I found a few of those, but had no luck inserting them with vim).

Any help would be appreciated.

Here you go…



See if this topic can help, and there are others on the subject, I hope you can solve it quickly! :grin:

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I did find that page, but the default icons used in the polybar config as of the latest release are not Fontawesome. I will have to find them somewhere else.

Strange, in the link of post just above talks about this source and here also it is certain.