Where is Super key KEYBIND defined?

As I tried to configure my keybindings for openbox to change language to en-us from el when rofi-gorice is fired up it occured to me that there is no definition of the single key in rc.xml of openbox config folder. I would like to ask where is this keybind defined if not in the rc.xml.
Thanks in advance!

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Its through ksuperkey, using a single key for a bind isn’t really viable so ksuperkey allows mapping a key to fire two seperate keypresses when pressed and released quickly

The bind is mapped in the openbox rc.xml as Alt+F1

<keybind key="A-F1">
  <action name="Execute">
    <command>rofr.sh -r</command>

Then ksuperkey is started via xdg autostart with this /etc/xdg/autostart/ksuperkey.desktop

Thank you @nate for the reply. In fact I didn’t even thin a KEY-BIND must have at least two KEYS :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry for the nested question but I would also like to know if there is any setting to define default layouts for certain apps or better reset the layout and keep it for each different window. I am considering to add this to keyboard settings on github as an option in the Layouts section.

I hardly remember using this functionality on ubuntu flavored distributions in the past

Openbox supports per-app settings, it’s at the end of the rc.xml file and there are some examples:

openbox help, applications

Openbox doesn’t natively support layouts like a tiling window manager does; you would have to script that or launch applications using a geometry specification if the application supports it.

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@PackRat is spot on here

Totally forgot.

Openbox also has excellent key binding control to position windows into convenient layouts.

Major selling point of ArchLabs is the default keybindings for tiling. Super Key combined with number pad provides tiling; easy edit for laptops without keypad to get same actions.

Thank you @PackRat for the immediate help. I will follow the direction you pointed out.