Where can I find an archlabs logo in png or preferably svg?


Want to do some experimentations.

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You can grab one from the homepage:
archlabs logo


There is a selection here


@Dobbie03 Thanks. I couldn’t find it on the archlabs github page.

@dimaom Thanks but that is an png file. And svg file is a vector graphic file you can edit in inkscape or illustrator and not an fixed size and resolution raster image.


Yeah its in my own repo. I should really merge it with the main repo.


You could also use inkscape to convert png to svg:


The article uses jpg as an example, but the same principle still works. Just a thought in case you are not able to get AL logo in svg format.


Inkscape has a trace bitmap feature also but the results is not always the best.


Hey Matt…is there an updated link location for this since y’all left github?


Which image are you looking for @7im4pple?


I need the archlabs logo with either a white background or the logo itself being white.


Here ya go man :slight_smile:


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@7im4pple, did you get what you needed?


Sure did, thanks!


Following the orientation of the post, I need an “SVG”, png (compressed) does not allow certain stagger.

Even converting, decompressing does not generate a new clean file.

Someone? :thinking:


@Dobbie03 :point_up_2:


Maybe this can help


Now I can create wallpapers of 8 or 80k without pixel problems… hahaha… :joy::joy:
Thank you! :+1::+1:


Looking forward to what you come up with.


Now yes…
4k image coming out of the oven!