Where are aliases stored?

Hi I am fairly new to ArchLabs but not linux. I have ArchLabs installed with i3/zsh. Where does ArchLabs store aliases? I dont see a .aliases, .profile, or even .bash_aliases. Thanks for your help.

Since you use zsh, it’s in the .zshrc, at the end.

^ this, and If you used the 12-2018 install media (current), .profile has been replaced by .xprofile.

~/.profile, ~/.bash_profile, and ~/.zprofile will only be created if needed when choosing xinit and auto login and for the relevant shell (~/.zprofile for zsh etc…).

~/.xprofile is provided as a simple solution to enable a set of startup commands to be run for all sessions and when using either xinit or lightdm (and other DMs that use ~/.xprofile)

Though they’re both ‘profile’ files they are not related, xprofile is generally used by DMs while the shell profiles are used by the respective shells when used as a login shell.

For each shell there’s a hidden folder in your home directory, for zsh the aliases will be in ~/.zsh/settings/aliases.zsh similar files can be found in ~/.mksh and ~/.bash in the future only the settings for your selected shell will be left.