When to actually pick systemd or grub? "Accidentally" went with grub this install

I did a fresh install today, this time I went with grub. I have been using systemd mainly (for some reason I thought in my last install I was using grub, but actually not). So I was configuring stuff and following my notes, until I reached to these instructions:

sudo nano /boot/loader/entries/arch.conf

title   ArchLabs Zen Kernel
linux   /vmlinuz-linux-zen
initrd  /initramfs-linux-zen.img
options root=/dev/sda2 nvidia-drm.modeset=1

I totally forgot that I was using grub right now xD so I couldn’t even save the file by nano since that directory doesn’t exist (I pasted it into terminal from my notes as usual).

And now I’m wondering if it’s worth the hassle, of removing grub and going back to systemd and are there any benefits?

Actually I remember freezes did happen rarely and of course that can be anything - I’ve suspected kernels but Zen has been the best in my experience. So I don’t know if the freezes happened thanks to my choice of boot loader in the past or they are entirely kernel related.

But also systemd booting looks “sexier” than grub :smiley: the bootup info looks to be in “fullhd” and crisp, but right now I haven’t configured anything on grub and the texts scroll in ugly resolution. I guess it has to do with graphics driver being loaded early during booting?

Also I’m not really dual booting anything, but I’ve heard grub plays well for that. But maybe… if I’ll keep running grub for around a week I might see if freezes still happen, I might report back for science if I remember!

Also reinstalling AL feels like taking a good shower, so refreshing. Especially if I have to reconfigure stuff once I’m in following my notes :slight_smile: loved the installer updates and fixes too!

It’s really your preference, they both work well for the basics, I find systemd to be a bit more simple than grub to configure and keep running but it requires manually editing configs and creating entries, whereas grub is much more automated.

It’s easy enough to switch from a live boot and chroot, if you’re struggling I can guide you through it.

I suspect the random freezing is due to the nvidia-drm.modeset=1 kernel parameter, have you tried nomodeset?

Unless you really dislike grub or want to learn how to migrate bootloaders, I’d say stick with grub.

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What is DRM (direct rendering manager) supposed to even achieve? Yes I dealt with 3D apps & some games back then - possible, someone at least back then recommended me this in reddit or something. And I’ve been blindly following this for quite some time.

I’ve made some bizarre post about my keyboard buttons to stop working too :smiley: like the winkey - people strongly suggested the keyboard didn’t physically work. Because it didn’t register key presses not even in some terminal debugging (xev?) tools which I tried. But here I am again with the same keyboard, this time everything works. And I’m thinking if nvidia-drm.modeset=1 could of been behind the freezes, and this keyboard problem the entire time?

I don’t really know how to properly uninstall grub and then go over to systemd on a live system, but I wouldn’t mind that for the future if you want to share the how :slight_smile: my method would be just to reinstall the entire system.

For now I’ll just stick to grub for science xD

Grub is UEFI or BIOS for booting and generates configs automagically and not humanly readable, at least at a fly over look.

systemd-boot is uefi only and very easy to understand.

If you’re doing BIOS boot, GRUB is your only option outside of refind, syslinux, and lilo.