What's your homepage?

What do you use for your homepage/startpage in your browser?

I use just good old duckduckgo.com with customised colours for what ever theme I am using at the time.

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As base homepage this: https://github.com/unix121/homepage, but with customised Links and colours.


That’s cool. @unix121 has some amazing skills.

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Yes. Without him and his site, i would know nothing about Ricing and stuff. Iam not a groupie :yum: , but he was/is a BIG influence for me and helped me a lot in the past. (in my Manjaro i3 years)

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He’s a good man.

I think for me, it’s easier just to have duckduckgo as my homepage. All my favourites are there on the bookmark bar anyway.

Yes, DDG is very nice. You can customise it like you want. I use it a lot in the past. The reason why i left it, is Amazon. DDG use their server or/and other stuff.

I did not know that. What is your search engine you use?

Read this: https://search.slashdot.org/story/13/07/14/0046257/duckduckgo-illusion-of-privacy

I use https://www.searx.me/ and sometimes https://www.startpage.com/

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Well, I have to say that is beyond disappointing. I really don’t like searx or startpage but I suppose I better learn to like them :smiley:

I can understand that. The look of both are terrible and the customizable options too, but the search results and privacy are top on both engines.

Which I am starting to value more and more.

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Me too. :blush:

Edit: The Startpage search results are better.

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I’m glad you like it sir! I made an improved version a while ago but never got to share it. I think I’ll search for it around on my PC :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey! That would be nice!

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I use something similar to this. I think it was a #! user that put it together.

Used to be Dogpile for quiet a while now on https://www.searx.me/ real recently. (saw someone with it in the forum).

@altman I know, this is mainly a windows problem, but…


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Thx , saw something about that also, thx for the reminder.

No prob.

I guess our duck is cooked. :angry: I knew there was a reason to get a VPN on top of DDG. I don’t trust Bezos especially when I found out that he’s a darling of CIA. He actually gets paid for each package he sends from our government. Like you @Dobbie03, I’m going to have use searx or startpage or both.