What's your favoritre cli/terminal app? or apps?

Coming to Archlabs, I find myself in the terminal a little more. I was wondering what everyone’s favorite terminal/cli apps? We all may find something we didn’t know about.

I guess I’ll start. I’m really grooving on Taskwarrior . It’s pretty handy.


Music - mpd / ncmpcpp
Editor - vim / neovim

I’ll update as I remember what else I do in the CLI :upside_down_face:


Music: mpd / ncmpcpp
Editor: vim (+lightline +a ton of plugins)
Console Multiplexer: tmux
IRC client: weechat
Internet/Image viewer: w3m
File Manager: ranger
Other: cava (music visualizer [ ye i know ] ), figlet/toilet (I like to have nice banners on all my files), I occasionally use Stow to manage my files.


Depending on the aplication:
Music=> Has to be Audacious with mpd/ncmpcpp
Terminal=> xfce4-terminal
Editor=>gedit, geany (for scripts), vim
File Manager=> Thunar
System Info=> Conky Yes i"m stretching it, but damn it!
Umm like @iDanoo I’ll get back with you on the rest :thinking:

No command line stuff?

music - moc
terminal multiplexer - tmux
file manager - mc
editor - emacs

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I use xfce4-terminal with .zsh shell for my command line.
I also use deluge for my torrent. i just changed my engine and streamlined everything.

I only really use the terminal for doing stuff rather than apps i.e. mpd or ranger or whatever.

Pacli would be a favourite and ncmpcpp.

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My favourites are Pacli and Htop :smiley:

This is the first time I see Taskwarrior. Looks pretty cool!

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I totally spaced Pacli! See what happens when you only have two brain cells?! Or is it senility?:grin:


same here :slight_smile:

I just the cli a lot, but don’t really have ‘favorite’ cli apps.
(whoah, I managed to type ‘apps’ without shuddering)


I like ncmpcpp a lot. Pretty keen on news beuter and pacli is the shit.

And I just love cava. It reminds me of the graphic equalisers from the ghetto blasters from the 80s :metal:

Yeah cava is pretty cool. Glava is a cool option to Cava. Worth checking out

Here’s mine:

  • Shell: mksh (static build, linked with musl)
  • Terminal: rxvt-unicode (daemon + client windows)
  • Editor: vim & ed (with texlive for a full word processor)
  • File manager: ranger ftw!
  • Music: mpd & mpc/ncmpc (ncmpcpp is bloat!)
  • Launcher: dmenu
  • Miscellaneous: ncdu (disk usage analyser), htop, iotop, iftop (monitors) & rtorrent.

I also enjoy the full systemd suite:

  • systemctl (running services)
  • bootctl (systemd-boot)
  • networkctl (systemd-networkd)
  • machinectl (systemd-nspawn)
  • timedatectl & localectl

I :heart: Mr. Poettering :clown_face:


Sorry about the big bump here. Necro thing I know, but I didn t want to start another thread.

As of some members in the forum suggested a little bit back I went with ST this time around on one BL install, will see what it does as time goes.


Do you mean ST as in simple terminal from suckless tools ? If so it is a pretty snappy terminal eh.


Yep , that one.

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Did you compile and/or patch it yourself, or get whatever is in the repo?

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From the repo @PackRat .

Compiling s too much for me ! lol