What's wrong with it in 2022


what should people do with this screen??? there use to be a text installer , how TF how can get a terminal ?
when you design this , about what you was thinking ?

ctrl-alt-f2 my god , make it simple is no longer available

very nice motif, tidy desktopp, can see nothing wrong with it

Ummm did you take the time to read the release post?

It is just as simple as before, just adding the extra step of opening a terminal.


Of course I searched for information how to install , but on the wiki or faq , search for documentation, never thought to look on the latest news how to open terminal , sorry, I work in the industry for many years , I don’t provide our customers documents in the company news page

We’ll be removing the live session in the future and going back to console install. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the hard work, I was able to deploy quickly what I needed , sorry for being bumpy ,too old I guess :frowning:

I’d love to keep the DK live session. Maybe add a conky script to print the key mappings on the desktop.


Well, that’s how we chose to do it for this temporary addition. Either way, as Nate said, we will be removing the live session in the next release anyway.

At the end of the day, the live session addition was just for a bit of fun. Back to the tried and true.


^^ What he said ^^

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I exit out of the live session and use the the installer the old fashioned way. That way, I can change the font size when installing…helpful with a hirez 43 in display.

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Most forums this would have turned into a shitfest, Good on you guys!!! :slight_smile: and welcome Rami :slight_smile: