What's the max number of displays you happen to connected to a single machine?

I’m working on a wallpaper manager, and wonder if it makes sense to provide space in GUI for more than 2 displays. What do you think?


Totally agree, you should make it so there is no limit :smiley:

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Expected answer was: 2 is enough. But you’re right, of course. :confused:


At work i have 3 screens in total. 2x monitors and the 3rd is my laptop screen.

There are 6 of us in total at work using ArchLabs :slight_smile:


This is no problem in Nitrogen UI, but I want my manager to show preview, that’s why I’m asking.

Seriously? That’s fucking awesome. If my next trip to Auckland wasn’t a layover I’d drop into shake everyone’s hand.

Gee, never would ve tought that ! That s good news.

I currently run three monitors
OK - easy for me to say, probably impossible to program. Default 2 but a little drop down box 1-5. I guess very few people will run more than 5, but who knows.

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My current GUI design can contain up to 7 display previews side by side. I think it should be enough in most cases.

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sadly i am the last remaining one on arch labs. all the other linux users have been forced to use ubuntu as they kept breaking their linux installs and also the business wanted to install some software to help with security compliance that does not work on arch.

The main concern was the amount of time they would spend reinstalling when they broke their install.

How do they break their installs so often?