What's the max number of displays you happen to connected to a single machine?

I’m working on a wallpaper manager, and wonder if it makes sense to provide space in GUI for more than 2 displays. What do you think?


Totally agree, you should make it so there is no limit :smiley:

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Expected answer was: 2 is enough. But you’re right, of course. :confused:


At work i have 3 screens in total. 2x monitors and the 3rd is my laptop screen.

There are 6 of us in total at work using ArchLabs :slight_smile:


This is no problem in Nitrogen UI, but I want my manager to show preview, that’s why I’m asking.

Seriously? That’s fucking awesome. If my next trip to Auckland wasn’t a layover I’d drop into shake everyone’s hand.

Gee, never would ve tought that ! That s good news.

I currently run three monitors
OK - easy for me to say, probably impossible to program. Default 2 but a little drop down box 1-5. I guess very few people will run more than 5, but who knows.

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My current GUI design can contain up to 7 display previews side by side. I think it should be enough in most cases.

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