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It depends if one of these motors were modded & such as well as gearing goes, hard to say @Glenn .

Real quick if stock I d say the GTO, they were pretty fast on the 1/4 mile.


Well, 1/4 mile… the Nova, once hooked wins. No the GTO wasn’t close but the 65’ sprint was really the most impressive. That 289 on the light frame… moves. It may not be the fastest in a 1/4 but damn, it’s a hoot accelerating and sounds awesome doing it.


Love these 396 bbc , forgot it was in a Nova, must ve been bad ass ! lol

By the way , was it the 389 that you had or the 421 in the GTO ! One could ve have had the tri barrell in there also.


389, 4speed. stock.


That must have been cool ! But they were kind of heavy rides not helping on the 1/4.


The Goat? Yes man, very heavy compared to the others.


Yep , these Pontiacs were something else, always loved a Pontiac with some guts, these were pretty luxureous as well as sporty.


My main car back in the day was an old Chrysler, had so many but just one motor. ( Mechanic by trade )

My engine was just a little factory stock 383 mag big block that went from one vehicle frame to another. You can burn a set of rear tires in one night. :sob:

My latest toy is a 10 speed CCM. You want to see that puppy go! :rofl:


We also had a 56’ chevy with a built 454 AND tubed… I’ve got the pics and will dig them up.


Yep , one of my fav engine in there, the venerable 383 Chrysler, these were bad ass as well.


Gee, that must have been a blast as well @Glenn !


Hehehe! One of the fastest cars I’ve ever been in, was a MOPAR with a max wedge 440. The second was a car with a 383.


lol, as the saying goes, Mopar or No Car , sadly never have had any Mopar to say .


Yeah, it’s all nostalgia. the new hot rods are quicker, safer and smarter, The HP blows away what we had back in da’ day and they also handle ootb beyond better… No comparison but when it comes to sheer love… Gimme a 60’s muscle car any day.


So true in there, but one could easily distinguish a car then compared to the copy & paste rides of today.

Edit, it was all engine & not much else generally in those years.


But all steel, very little plastic… just you, the sound of the engine, the feel of each gear and the road :slight_smile:


Might be of interest to someone in the forum


Real time ray tracing with DirectX:


EDIT: that was rendered on a single NVIDIA Titan V graphics card (1080p@60Hz), talk here: http://on-demand.gputechconf.com/siggraph/2018/video/sig1813-7-colin-barre-brisebois-pica-pica-and-nvidia-turing.html


One of my favorites:


Yep , she s a great player, she wasn t old on that vid @nwg .