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As a layman, I’d suspect a subtle combination of force and effect are at work here.


Absolutely. It’s elementary physics. All the things that the three of are talking about, are needed. And we still haven’t talked about thermodynamic forces, gravity, or resistance.


BMW’s semi-active suspension and traction control systems already have an onboard IMU to tell it which way “up” the vehicle is.

Well, camber force is only applied if the wheel is moving so yes, some throttle input is required — bikes are only stable when they’re rolling, just like ArchLabs :slight_smile:


I thought so too but I still get funny looks everywhere I go. It’s as if no one’s ever seen an F150 with training wheels before? Sheeesh :grin:


Lol! Heck, I think I have training wheels on my feet to keep me upright. I always wonder why I get funny looks in my direction… :joy:


We’re all just messin’ with you @Head_on_a_Stick :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


lol, you should get a F350 with 6 wheels ! std equipment & you would not look funny anymore @Glenn ! lol





Ok… Turn it up for the little Ford small block! :+1::+1:


Ooh! 65 mustangs! Cool and in my color. Me want… :heart_eyes:


We’ve been looking but haven’t yet found the one we want.


lol, love these old Ponies !


I haven’t seen one in years. You can actually sit in the engine compartment and still have room to work.


Ford small block is pure violent art in a tiny package, if you look further up on this thread, we came close to buying that exact car but aced by another buyer. Hard to find a 65’ coupe GT in good condition. I’ll post when the dream comes true :grin:


Hope that you ll get the one you want @Glenn


Thanks man, we’ve had a 63’ Ford Falcon Sprint convertible, a 64’ hardtop. A 51’ Ford Crestliner, A 65’ Pontiac GTO, A 69’ Chevy SS 396 4-speed Nova and a 72’ Plymoth Duster… And have worked hard making them the way we liked. A 65’ Ford Coupe GT Mustang is a car we’ve always wanted.


Stop it man ! All the rides I love ! lol

Hope so @Glenn


@altman Which of those would you think the quickest?