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Might be of interests @Head_on_a_Stick


Very nice!

The pipework for that turbocharger is almost pornographic :blush:


lol, you bet


Like his woodworker s skills ;





@Head_on_a_Stick Well, you don’t see that everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if it’s gyro-stabilized or if it simply relies upon the gyro effect of both wheels to remain upright.


Now that’s a definition of a ghost rider. I’m guessing it’s momentum is keeping the bike upright.


I would never buy a bike that can run away from me. :astonished:
If my a$$ isn’t in the seat, I don’t want it! :thinking:


Strictly speaking motorcycles do not rely on the gyroscopic effect to stay upright, counter-steering from the rider acting via camber force at the tyre is what keeps it rubber side down, just like on a pushbike.

No, the bike can go around corners and everything, all controlled via a steering actuator and a ride-by-wire throttle.

Well indeed :slight_smile:

In this case though BMW are working to develop rider aids that can intervene to prevent a crash.

I don’t know though because that sounds suspiciously like cheating to me :smiley:


Wow, didn’t know that.

Next test, let’s see it handle some of those incredible enduro’s @altman shares :grin:


This is a head scratcher. There’s got to be something that is stabilizing that bike. @Glenn has the right idea about gyros. It’s a possibility like some electronic/electrical devices uses what is called a mercury switch to turn on or off devices. If you have a tube with a drop of mercury and keep track of where that tube is in relation to the preset ‘center’, you can probably have a self correcting system to keep the bike upright. This is of course a theory…


lol, you bet ! this & some Trial also, wonder when they will be able to do it.


…or you can use one of these:

Possible stabilizer device


I will attempt to explain :slight_smile:

Two-wheeled vehicles are best controlled by something called countersteering whereby if the rider wishes for the bike to lean over to the left then they push the left-hand bar away from them, this causes the front wheel to deflect and the curved surface of the tyre then applies a camber force against the road that makes the bike turn.

So to keep the bike upright the computer simply pushes the bars appropriately if it detects it is falling over to one side.

Check the very end of the video where the bike sets itself on the sidestand — the handlebars jiggle the “wrong” way to get the bike to lean over onto the stand :wink:


This is what’s always worked for me :grin:download


Lol! You got that right @Glenn.


Ahh ha! without a spinning mass or bubble level (-or- it’s solid state equivalent), how does the computer know it’s upright? :grinning:


In essence sort of what you would do. But you still have to have forward momentum. If you are on a bike in a stand still position, no matter how much you counter steer, you will eventually fall over. I agree with you that counter steering does help keep the bike upright. But something has to tell the bike to counter steer. Just as you said, the computer has to detect its center of gravity. I think that there are several mechanisms at play here. I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m just saying that there are several factors at play. Without one of these things occurring, and the bike is not going anywhere.


lol, good one in there @Glenn .