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Might be, anyways he sings pretty well. Don t know if his story true or false as loads of other ones as well .@FluffyUnicorn




Pretty crazy in there @dimaom


Like MTBs


i should have been more specific, was commenting on bear


It s all right in there @FluffyUnicorn .

I wrongly taught it was to the post I did, mistake also.


One from where I live.

Canadian Police Chase


Irish class


lol, that s so funny in there @anon2716996


lol, happily married right !

Guess it might be like that mostly everywhere.


From Graham Jarvis Hard Enduro


Guess I like Hard Enduro a little bit lol



Nicee @Dobbie03


Heavy Metal:


Amazing drummer


Cafe anyone !


^ Beautiful!

At the risk of hi-jacking the thread with my motorcycle obsession (sorry!), I have always loved BMW’s official customs, this is their vision of the waterhead boxer twin:

The production bike turned out to be more, erm, sensible than the concept (translation: it’s boring) but I do love this version.

EDIT: link to the press release with some nice hi-res pics that work well as desktop wallpapers: https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0180469EN/bmw-concept-roadster-–-bmw-roadster-revolution?language=en


Real nice BMW in there @Head_on_a_Stick .

Beside Enduro motocross & trial, I also like cafe racers.