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Love Enduro Motocross;


Indian’s much-anticipated Wreckin’ Crew race replica is finally here:

120bhp/231kg, looks like a lot of fun but it only has 36° of lean available, which is a bit of a disappointment.

EDIT: I’m guessing there’s more ground clearance on the left hand side :grin:


Nice ride in there ! @Head_on_a_Stick


In for some changes here;


THAT s what I call real racing lol:


Wonderful Cuenca


Lovely urban DH in there @Negata


Yeees, it’s a good place. @altman


Some heavy metal :




Gee, wonder where you have been ! @pippo Glad to see you back


I never left, always have an open tab with the forum page. At the moment I am also studying for my driving test exam (again) and I want to pass this time :crossed_fingers:


That s cool ! Guess you ll get it this time.Good luck on the exam.


One of the top guns in WESS ( enduro)


No motor this time around;






i laughed my ass* off, and actually gagged with them


I for a time liked his stuff then he did a show in the area i grew up in…what a farce. Totally fabricated and full of half truths.