What's on YouTube


lol, bad boy, don t have him look at this forum !


Oh, he’s been by a few times and my wife checks it out regularly but she dual boots ArchLabs and win10 (for school purposes) :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah , you re getting watched online ! lol j/k

Edit: I m lucky nobody s here is interested on what I m doing online.


Yeppers :grin:

I’m the same person here as I am in the world. For better or worse :joy:


lol, same on my side, might even be worst in real life !





lol, that s some party in there @pippo !


Classic Arnie,


Jason Newsted is the man.


Greatest instrumental of all time


It s been a while that I haven t listened to that tune !


These guys are hardcore.


I watched a video on this stuff being made. The factory manager was testing it like it was Grey Poupon.






Can t see it from where I am, weird.


These kids are good !


my brother got me into this guy years back;