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That heavily modded Pony s some fun !


That’s all kinds of crazy badass. Probably the only episode of TopGear I haven’t seen and they feature a Mustang coupe. Awesome :sunglasses:


lol, Think I know someone that like those.


Yes, I do believe you do Mr. @altman :grin:


Lol, yep @Glenn .

I also like the 70-73 years, but the fastbacks of those years. & an oncle had a 73 with a stick & a 351 Cleveland in it.

& an other of my oncles had a 70 Mach one with a 428 Super Cobra Jet engine with a stck in it. That was some great looking ride ! Orange with the mate stripping & shaker, now it s worth a fortune & he sold it 4-5 years after like mostly everyone back in the days for something else . Now it s worth a fortune.

Like that but Orange; & a Big Block instead.

Edit: added stuff.Mistakes


NICE! I’d love to have one of those one day, my wife’s favorite car of all time.

It certainly is but it’s better than money in the bank and something which can be handed down.

Here’s the perfect example of what we’ve been looking for… '65 (real) GT Coupe. HiPo 289 w/4spd and factory air conditioning. It’s located in St. Louis, we’ve been thinking of a short road trip to check it out.

We’d leave it as is but change it’s stance, Wilwood brakes at all four corners and swap out the wheels for 18" Torq Thrusts and probably Flowmaster exhaust :grin:


That s a pretty 65 in there ! Another one that s worth a fortune right ! I would maybe put these wheels you re saying but 17 inch, 18 might be too much for the model year.

The funiest thing now is 18 is almost normal for a small car.


Ummm, this one is more than we originally wanted to spend. They want 32 grand but may be able to make a deal. So, pricey but no where near what a '70 Mach like your Uncle’s would run. With lowering the stance up front, 18" wheels would be pushing my luck.


@ 32 grand is a bit steep as you said, wonder if they would back down much on the price. Never bargain on the beginning of the month with dealerships. Guess it s a specialized classic/muscle car dealer right !
Well being a specialized dealer they usually charge some big premiums as well, might be hard to do unless cash on hand , but kind of dangerous to do now.

Surely would be a great ride.


Yes, it’s a specialized dealer. The car in this excellent shape is roughly worth 26 and I’d rather purchase from a private party but to find a car like this, a real (documented) GT and in this shape… No telling how far we’d need go and then, I’d need to pay for shipping charges. So, I don’t know. We’ll see :slight_smile:


@Glenn. Yep , be in no hurry, it s when one s in a hurry that he/she pays too much & might get screwed, ( financially & mechanically ).

Also, depending where you re at you can rent a trailer or if you have one you can save much in there.

Edit; I would bring someone in the know to check the car with you, 2 are better than one on these.


All very good points. No worries, I’m the biggest tightwad the world’s ever seen. My brother-in-law has an enclosed car trailer, that’s not a bad idea either.


A little mouse from Ukraine, a drummer with lots of talent for her age.



A fist fight in the parking lot


My brother shared this with me… Cracks me up


lol, a good one in there !


I don’t know why but I got a kick out of that. My brother’s a goof :grin:


lol, not another old fart !


Hahaha! Yup, he’s six years younger than me but looks ten years older.