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@altman I understand him on a musical and mental way, he is one of the few musos you can really learn a lot from as he shares the most basic of emotions and life coupled with his music ability, very down to earth bloke.


Yep , you bet, not everything he does is pyrotecnicals like some guitarists nowadays.

Kind of a heavier Satriani so to speak.


Yep similar to satriani in a way in his own style. I used to listen to satriani years ago, will have to fire up some now i think.


lol, you bet mate ! Satch tought to loads of other known guitarists as well. He s the one that most everybody can listen to compared to some shedders that you need to be either a guitarist or a guy that love them.


He trained Steve Vai, thats enough for me mate! Legend


lol, you bet.



That guy s got some great talent:



The good Metallica years to me.


They are even better with a little bit of extra bass…or at least the bass that should have been there in the first place.


Well , both guitarists might not have liked it ! lol