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@altman I understand him on a musical and mental way, he is one of the few musos you can really learn a lot from as he shares the most basic of emotions and life coupled with his music ability, very down to earth bloke.

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Yep , you bet, not everything he does is pyrotecnicals like some guitarists nowadays.

Kind of a heavier Satriani so to speak.

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Yep similar to satriani in a way in his own style. I used to listen to satriani years ago, will have to fire up some now i think.

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He trained Steve Vai, thats enough for me mate! Legend


lol, you bet.

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That guy s got some great talent:

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The good Metallica years to me.

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They are even better with a little bit of extra bass…or at least the bass that should have been there in the first place.

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Well , both guitarists might not have liked it ! lol

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An important day of 25 years ago. I was 6 years old and surely I would be playing with the chickens, cats and dogs in the field. A few years later I discovered computers

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I hate it when scammers victimize the elderly or those who are not tech savvy! There’s several individuals who go after scammers who are fake IRS agents, fake CSA agents, Social Security workers, and any other scams they try to pull! But those who makes your operating system break (this of course talking about Widows… oh… I mean Windows) to steal your money, and sometimes use syskey to freeze your system… well anyway, here’s one of several who wastes the scammer’s time to thwart, for a little time. Enjoy:

kitboga’s family


they have no morals, just driven by money. Fuck them.

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I was fifteen and totally oblivious to anything other than Windows or Mac.


I started with windows98. Sometimes it worked :skull_and_crossbones:. Many years passed until I read something about linux.


Some easy listening to wake me up this morning ! lol

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Horsepower;Strong as a horse;

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