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I’ve seen this documentary, it tells the story of a spaniard (Manuel José de Frutos), who landed in New Zealand in 1830. Now 20,000 Maori are his descendants, the Paniora. I didn’t know this story, it’s crazy.
(I haven’t found it in English)

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Looks like it s fun out there !




In case someone’s not yet seen this:



Now that’s what you call fishing, or is that ‘birding’?:laughing:

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Hell knows. Thankfully we have no such fish here.

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not the best camera work you’ll ever see -



OMG… :scream:

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DH s MTB s Monaco s version I guess:



So you guys are telling me you like simplicity? Especially for you:



Joe Santagato videos. Here is just one for example:



I really enjoy Luke Smith videos on youtube, learnt quite a bit from this bloke.

I just watched a few videos today on R programming language, i have to say this really shits all over excel, some really unique features that blew me away today, not just in below video he does a few others on R, you just have to search his playlists. I think i want to learn this language, could be very handy.

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There is no comparison. R is in a league of its own. Been using it for 15 years now, and am still surprised what it has to offer.

Fun fact - it was invented by new zealanders, in New Zealand >> end patriotism.

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@philT And here i thought L&P was all you NZ lot were good for :wink:



I could bite to that one, but I wont. Living (currently in Australia) I have heard it all before. :sunglasses:

NZ is the back bone to a lot of the greatest shit on the planet. Case in point - arch labs (the aussies can’t claim that one).



@philT I will have to visit the land of the long white cloud one of these days, i hear it is a great tourist spot in a lot of places there, natural beauty, hobbit holes and such :wink:

I was just kidding with the l and p, i had a few mates years ago from nz and they used to have friends who owned a fish and chip shop that was nz themed , cant remember the name now but they imported in a lot of what you could only mostly get in nz including much of the seafood from there, was located in mascot sydney from memory, was a nice treat everynow and then as they new how to do fish/seafood and chips really well.