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This video corresponds to the last stretch of excavation to try to save a two-year-old boy who fell into a 70m deep hole. Sadly they did not find him alive. But in Spain it has been an example of humanity and courage. A great team that tried everything to save the boy

I add the news in English


Wholy cow, that s something else !

Edit: They worked hard in there.


@altman Yes, very hard. They were the best, but it was very difficult with that technical complexity



Attack of the drone! :open_mouth: Good thing that isn’t an actual plane or that pilot would be in serious trouble. To bad the RC plane was damaged like that, but repairable.


No worries, we re getting there slowly but surely.


As it’s a Mitsubishi Zero you have to wonder if that was deliberate :grin:

Anyway, here’s a walking robot that’s smaller than an ant’s face:


The dragon’s gaze is following you…


lol, a scary thing @Head_on_a_Stick !


Should ve been factory built like that ;


Perhaps I’m getting old but that seat looks too thin and the clip-ons would hurt my wrists :frowning:

Gorgeous build though :slight_smile:


Well , true that, might not be the most confy ride .


For some mysterious reason it made me regret not going cycling today. The weather was great: 7.5 degrees (Celsius), no wind at all. :confused:


Well , that would look like a cold day to ride bikes !


Not in my winter cycling outfit.


Ah , didn t know or remember that you rode in the Winter time.


Many times. Simply I must be getting old.


By the way: this video was taken to show up the Android Wear navigation I wrote several years ago, but it also presents one of my cycling routes in July. :slight_smile:


oh, never riden bikes in the Winter time, , you re much better than I am ! lol


Cool, I put a like on your YT video.