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Now that’s funny!




China’s moon landing:


Massive cool. I’ve always been enchanted by our moon.


Me too :slight_smile:

Mrs. HoaS likes to wind me up by pretending not to believe that the moon landings actually happened, I try my best to ignore it but it really bugs me (wrong thread, I know).


Fairly true I guess, we can t check it out by ourself, they can say whatever they want, it doesn t mean anyone landed on the moon.


Made my day, put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye :grinning:

Life doesn’t get any better than that^.


Yeah, I howl at full moons… :laughing:


Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? :joy:

Mrs. Glenn does too and why I call her my Lunachic :slight_smile:


lol, you old farts @anon37345411 @sevenday4 .


Can t look at video from where I am, I hate that when it happens.


These are not the CBX1000 Hondas I used to see !


Mmmm, gorgeous — that’s an Aprilia RS250 swing-arm with Ohlins Road & Track forks + Brembo brakes, if I’m not mistaken :slight_smile:


Yep , pimp my bike right ! I m all for mods.



Anyone into MTB !


yup, sure am.


That’s crazy man, I wouldn’t even walk along that cliff.


Bet it would be the same on my side ! lol