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wow , they weren t like that then ! Imagine how much more they would ve have had to sell these for.


Yeah, just shared that because of it’s interior. Not crazy about how the car looks on the outside. I totally agree with the man in your video and prefer the car to look stock on the outside but updated brakes, suspension components, steering and occupant safety upgrades. A plush comfortable interior like that would be nice though.


With lego, why not?



Would not like to be there right now:


Just saw that, pretty interesting;


Old but gold:

The ZX-10R is hard-tailed so it spins up at every touch of the throttle :sunglasses:


Wow, nicee @Head_on_a_Stick


@Negata That kid is amazing. NASA should fund the rest of his education and then hire him at JPL to build the next generation Mars rovers.

Wow, inspirational.


When he was 9 years old he said: I don’t have an arm, so I make one. I love that creativity to overcome barriers


I totally agree.




Me, carrying in the groceries from the car…


lol, good one in there.


Anyone remember this bike!



lol, you bet @PackRat


only the best from NZ.


Wholy crap ! lol Funny one @philT