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Guess that I never listened to Brian May besides his work with Queen.


You’re back as a moderator I see @Glenn.


Weird, I don t see it on my end, maybe because you re also a mod @sevenday4


Look at the shield :shield: by his name @altman


Oh, thx @sevenday4 , wasn t writen Moderator besides it, didn t noticed the shield I guess .


When you start complaining about your internet and realise that some of the greatest technology we’ve ever made is hitting 1 kilobit per second download speed…


@Dobbie03 but also anyone who is interested in looking to the future and how… wait for it… heavy metal makes big branes


Another one of my passions. krav Maga has helped me to have a mental balance and above all to control fear in dangerous situations. I only practice it twice a week. The workouts are very hard

Krav Maga in real life situations


Gozo Shioda Sensei demonstration:

He was trained by O’sensei and he founded the Yoshinkan style of aikido, which is taught to the Japenese Police.


A friend of mine practices it, I like to see those movements of aikido


The Magi have given me this game for my 6-year-old nephew. He loved it because he’s been playing for an hour. It reminds me of myself when I was little :heart_eyes:


Not on YT, didn t know where to put it:

For the race fans here:


Make a thread for motorsports!


Sounds like a plan.


Disclaimer: do still read the manpages!


Should be read , read them some times but not enough.


Some guys in here might like this one;


yeppers, some may :yum: That Cleveland motor is baaad to 'da bone! Beautiful car, '67 is my favorite year for a fastback and love that dark charcoal. But you know me @altman, I still would prefer the little red coupe on his lift :grin:

Watched it again, thought that was an early convertible coupe but it’s a 66 convertible. Beautiful though.


lol, you bet @Glenn .


Here ya go @altman

Check out the leather work with matching red stitching in the interior.