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I agree Guy. Take the Holidays for example… Look at how we’ve been controlled and manipulated. Look at the perversion of what used to be.

We’ve lost our ability to think for ourselves.


Some of us have. Well a lot of us have.


Most of us have Matt


Etna eruption


Every time I complain about climate in my place, I realize that it’s shitty indeed, but at least we have no volcanoes, tsunami, tornadoes etc.


Same thing on my end @nwg


Any Star Wars lovers here?


Ho, ho, ho…


A Polish legend from 15th or 16th century told again in the science fiction scenery. Just 7 and half a minute. English subtitles available. :slight_smile:


Pretty good @nwg



One of my fav trial s guy:


Those riders seem to defy the laws of Physics.



You bet @Glenn


Good tune, remember when my brother sent me the link in order to listen to it.

Big change compared to what we re used from them.


@altman I digg some of their other tunes. Son #1 sent me this link a while back and just saw it again this morning. This video is extraordinary imo.


You bet @Glenn


Nice looking Scania here;


Brian May (Astrophysicist & Queen Guitarist) wrote this for the New Horizons spacecraft’s flyby of Ultima Thule on New Years day.