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Wow, how’s that for weird synchronicity @Negata? For some reason, didn’t put the date of that event to this one.

That was one of the worst natural disasters that I’ve seen within my lifetime.


I remember it with a lot of sadness. A few years later I saw this movie about the tragedy: The Impossible


Saw that movie too. Wow, what an odd coincidence in timing. That was a massive quake and this some weird settlement of the ocean floor. I don’t know… I’ve been living in Illinois for some time but was born, raised, grew up and lived most of my life on the central coast of California. Love and seriously miss the ocean but wouldn’t want to live right next to it.


Surely many people in the area were remembering their loved ones at these dates. And it has happened again.


Yes I remember all the little tremors we would get in California SF bay area. Then October 17, 1989, seven years four months when I left for college in Arizona, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay Area , killing 67 people and causing more than $5 billion in damages.
I’m telling you all, things will get worst. I’m just glad I wasn’t in California that day.


I wasn’t far from Morro Bay California for the SF quake, remember it well and was only 19 miles from the epicenter during the Silmar quake which hit in '71. Folks had a two story home and you couldn’t get downstairs because the stairs were literally a blur. Oh yes, will always remember that one.


Isn’t Morro Bay south of Monterrey? I think I know where that is. I kinda remember the '71 quake. That was the San Fernando quake which was bad enough for overpasses to collapse and major damage to structures.


It is but close enough that we really felt it. Yeppers, San Fernando Valley. Man, I can remember plumes of smoke all across the valley, people in the streets and debris everywhere.


I don’t remember if we felt it, we were too far up north. But I do remember the news footage of the devastation. It was almost as bad as the video I saw of the '89 quake. Boy am I knocking my head. Strange it sounds like hollow wood…


Morro Bay is just west of San Luis Obispo.


Okay, I know where it is.


Yes, just N. West of SLO. What was the SF quake? 6.8? (something like that). Silmar I believe was a 7.1 and Northridge (was there for that one too) a 6.9?


@sevenday4 & @PackRat The Silmar quake was 7.1 and happened in one of the richest areas of the country with some of the most stringent building codes… I remember that devastation but think of this…

The Sumatra quake which @Negata brought up and which caused the most devastating human natural disaster in our time was… a 9.1 to 9.3

It literally made the entire planet ring.

**No, Silmar '71 was 6.5… so, just goes to show how strong that Sumatra quake was.



That was an amazing event to say the least. I also, if I remember correctly, there was a video showing the tsunami coming on shore destroying everything and carrying people out. The aftermath pictures were horrifying, to say the least. @Negata is correct that was a very devastating. That really makes you think what’s next.


Yes, many videos. Damn, almost forgot that event.


So many devastating events that are occurring that you tend to be overwhelmed, almost to the point that they all start blurring together. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the events that are distinguishable from one another.


24hr news cycle.

When we were growing up, that didn’t exist. You read the paper in the morning and if lucky, caught 1/2 hour of national news on tv in the evening.

Broadcast tv, no cable back in the day, at least for me growing up.


I remember that as well as paper newspaper. But even then, coverage was pretty good.


Sure it was good, we had journalists who wrote truth and spoke to a concept called fact.

Today?.. It’s just a smorgasbord and circus where, the viewer picks the truth which best fits their life paradigm.



That’s the understatement of the year. But then, how else do you describe how people act according to what they hear. A lot of it, the news, seems more like propaganda then actual current events. A lot of people seem to have an agenda that they seem to be championing. I pretty sure this is going to get worse.