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You scared me to death! :wink:


Sorry, but i have delete my posts, because it was the wrong thread. (Is that OK in english?)


Acceptable IMO, but feel free to move it anywhere you want. :wink:

If it comes to English, this forum never stops surprising me. I was taught UK English, and it’s not enough to understand Aussies, Kivis, and all the other guys and gals here. Thankfully we still have the DeepL translator. :wink:


That was fine @subjunkie. I’m sure some of what we say doesn’t translate very well…and vice versa. :wink:


In the US, we have several different accents and sayings, that if you went to another state you would think that you had went to another country. :grin:


I expect so, but probably will never go and check. My ex lives somewhere in sunny California. :wink:


I’m so sorry…wait that may be a good thing. California has major earthquake and falls into the ocean… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just in case. I saw her this year in the court and enough is enough. :wink:


Don’t blame you. I went through that my self with my first wife.





Indonesian tsunami… Wow


Those poor people. :pensive:
At the moment 222 people perished, over 750 missing.


Wholy crap , nobody warned them !

Sad for them.


It’s an almost unthinkable event. No warning because it wasn’t caused by a quake. At first they believed it was a sub-surface landslide on the volcano but now, I’m reading that the seafloor simply settled a very small amount around the volcano’s base.

How horrible :frowning:


Oh, make sense @Glenn


It’s incomprehensible how such events can happen at a moments notice. You step out your door not realizing that will be the last time you ever see your home and family ever again.


@Glenn The 2004 earthquake and tsunami was also on these dates. I’ve remembered it now


Wholy crap, remember these on the news then.