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In Poland, behind the Iron Curtain, there were several computers at that time. Mine was probably the only one in the entire dorm. :smiley:


Speaking of Poland, here in Canada when I was way younger my brother & I were taking some equestrian lessons from a Polish guy. He was pretty good (English style saddle) but I was more into Western saddles . Still remember him yelling to us little kids ( bas les talons, lol) of which I have no idea how to translate it in English.

Edit: guess I found it( bas les talons is heels down in English), didn t remember real quick.


Sounds French to me, but Google doesn’t help much.


Yep, it s French, just edited when you were posting I guess.


That music is awesome.


Thanks :blush:






If my headphones are accidentally disconnected …:metal::metal::fire:. The cavalera brothers are the chiefs


I personally prefer Sepultura with Derrick over anything either of the Cavaleras have done since Max left Sepultura.


Yes, the great Derrick’s voice!




Happy Holidays & Peace on Earth to all !

Love ya my friends! :blush:


Thx @anon37345411 , same back @ you mate.


Same to you @anon37345411. Maybe Santa will give you a suped up walker that goes forward, unlike mine that speeds going backwards… :grinning:



Some good easy listening this morning ! lol


It’s good to see Phil back in shape.