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Spent four years in SSM in college many years a go and live about an hour from highway 11. :wink:


Hey that s cool @sammiev !




Brutal accident - but no fatalities (5 injured, driver Sophia Florsch required back surgery):

what amazes me (who doesn’t really believe in luck) all the small details that have to align (butterfly effect) so that this wasn’t a catastrophic accident.


That car almost cleared the barrier… Incredible.

My dad has a phrase for that, ‘fortunate synchronicity’ .


Heard about it, it sux big time.



Some heavy metal ;


These trains look like boats cruising the sea!!


lol, you bet @Negata


Epic :rocket:


Are you feeling this @Dobbie03?

Getting that moving feeling


Thankfully no.


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Seems I’ve not yet shown you my little games? This one has Arch and Android version:



Got some talents @nwg ! Keep it on.


How about this one? I first wrote it in 1992 for 8-bit Atari. After years I came across old floppies in the attic, and thought to give them the second life - firstly on Android, secondly on Arch Linux. Choosing JavaFX was a mistake (ffmpeg2.8 needs to be built separately), but I was having tons of fun. Even the soundtrack is almost original, just rewritten in LMMS. :smiley:


Oh, back to the future @nwg ! lol

Nice job in there, didn t know that you got on computing in the 90s. Unless I missed it (which wouldn t surprise me sometimes ! lol).