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Can be but seen nights with a low of +27c.
On the other hand, seen snow every month of the year as well.


Polar bears? Where on Earth do you live?


Northern Ontario, in Canada.


Man, I bet that’s a beautiful life :slight_smile:


Fresh fish for supper, lunch or whenever.
Yes, out there is a beautiful life.


Weird, didn t know you lived in Ontario . Nice place out there. Near the Hudson Bay right !

Where s Highway11/17 compared to your place, used to drive there sometimes when driving big trucks going Northern MidWest USA Crossing at Sault Sainte Marie

Edit: well it makes sence now, looking at your pic , wonder why the pic, real nice by the way! Little polar bear.


Trying to drop my spherical addiction:

Not sure this is helping… :confused:


Nice work @Head_on_a_Stick


@Head_on_a_Stick The Borg would approve.


Well… At least you didn’t ask ‘where on earth do you live’ :smirk:


lol, taught about it ! lol


The worst I need worry about in S. Illinois is… a couple of pissed off squirrels :joy:


lol, bad boy @Glenn


Merrrrrrry chriiiiiiistmaaaaas! :joy:


It’s a classic. We watched that movie the other night… Never gets old :grin:

Merry Christmas back @ ya Brother :wink:


Just don’t do the tongue to the frozen pole trick, that’s a real sticky situation! :grinning:


lol, you bet @sevenday4


Tell me you haven’t tried that! :grin:


Well actually, I was hoping that one of you guys have tried it? :roll_eyes:double dare you! :joy:


Triple dog dare ya…:yum: