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Me neither, I would not have been here today, never had my biker s class so to speak also,

Yep , that gpu card looks like something else right ! Was reading about it in the Maximum PC Mag today while waiting for someone .





^ I think I’m in love… Adrian Morton has excelled himself once more :slight_smile:

Don’t use VirtualBox folks:

^ That’s a ring 3 exploit from a VirtualBox guest.

Details: https://github.com/MorteNoir1/virtualbox_e1000_0day


NVIDIA introduces their new Turing architecture:

Up until now Intel’s Xeon series CPUs were leading the way in ray-tracing horsepower but NVIDIA have finally cracked hardware-based bounded volume hierarchy traversal and now look to be the new gold standard.

10 GigaRays per second!




SWEET! I wish that was in my garage!:grinning:


My balls are moving!

^ Generated entirely from the command line with Mitsuba, ffmpeg & vim :slight_smile:

EDIT: this gist shows how: https://gist.github.com/Head-on-a-Stick/5cd2724c72bc50a9120f8713f7b89358


A new take on one of my favourite Metallica songs.




Once I went to this festival, it’s awesome



Me at 3:00 am this morning :joy:

Damn furnace! IIIIIIt’s a clinkerrrr!!!


lol, remember that film !


Great flick!



Your hitting a little close to home for me.
The wife and myself live just about where the tree line stops and polar bears start.
From May to the end of Sept we live in the bush, the only two people on the lake with no Hydro but we do have 80 watts of solar panels for lights and run the fan on the furnace.
A week after the ice is off the lake we bath in the lake. ( well shared with fish, Loons and Moose )


Gee, that s something I would not try @anon2716996 ! lol , Nights are cold in the woods right !