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Is this aimed at me @altman? :grin:



Might be ! lol


Most cool, thanks @altman :sunglasses:


No problem el Glenn.


From same country as the infamous Romaniacs Hard Enduro motocross races ;




I had a 71 roadrunner with a 383
was too much for me at that age, it was 12 years old at that point but still, wow I could a make a smoke cloud if I goosed it hard and let the tires spin.


Gee, my fav RR year . Must have been a blast.


over a 120mph it was real shakey, as it was older. sometimes I think โ€œhow did i live thru those yearsโ€ haha


lol, yep all go , & not much handling & brake power in those years right !


Nice car, bet you wish you still had her. The 383 is a grossly under appreciated mopar engine. People always talk about the big wedge or 426 hemi. Much good can come from the 383. The 340 is another fun power plant.


BMWโ€™s genre-redefining open-class superbike has been reworked:

Check out the elbow-down action at 0:51 :sunglasses:


Nice new BMW bikes in there @Head_on_a_Stick

Edit: Might be that one;;




Thx @Dobbie03 , will watch it in a little bit.


Always had a soft spot for the Ducati !


^ 234bhp! 165.5kg! Wings! :astonished:

I could never trust myself on something like that: the last full-on sportsbike I had was a (brand new) Suzuki GSX-R600RK1 and I had a habit of holding it on the rev limiter in top gear on the way home from my night shift. Not clever.

Anyway, here is another real-time raytracing video, Atomic Heart this time: