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MM - Live 1997


Wonder if it has to be some music, I take a chance, delete if not appropriate;


Doesn’t have to be music. Anything you think is worth sharing.


Massive cool @altman. I didn’t know you have an affinity for hot rods.


lol, @Glenn , when their s an engine, I m pretty much there !Specially HP ones.


Someone customizing AL-2018.07.28


Nice find.


@m.rogers. Nice find in there mate !


Guess some might like this:


Nice! I was just looking at that very bike yesterday :slight_smile:

Anyone for a race?



@Head_on_a_Stick. Nice race in there !



Been following this guy on YT, pretty interesting. The Documentary s called Races To Places . It s from the Dakar race he did.


Get me those boots and I’m in…:rofl:


@pippo , I would like to see you walking with these boots ! lol


If that ever happens, you’re allowed to shoot me on sight. I’ll pay for the bullets.


lol, @pippo , you re too much of a good person in order to shoot you out !


@altman you’re a true gentleman


@pippo, lol, I try !