What's cookin', Doc?

On a diet… :confused:

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Hum, looks tasty !

Well… Edible…

lol, you bet.


(white sausage)


Served with sweet mustard and a soft pretzel? Looks tasty

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With horseradish sauce and nothing else. Temporarily I’m disallowed to eat carbohydrates. :confused: But it was not bad.

Bet my diabetics would not like this even if it looks tasty !

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Would be healthier with a big glass of beer. :wink:

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Lol, yep, more pills I guess also !

Worth of some sacrifice. :D.

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lol.Well, guess that I would have to take a big walk afterward ! A Good German or Belgium beer would be great I must say @nwg .

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Traditionally “Weißbier”, in this case :yum:


lol, pretty much it @entr0py

I need one!

Time to resuscitate the thread, isn’t it? As I’m the Chef de cuisine at home, today and tomorrow I’ll spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

I’ll start with pork tenderloin baked with apples.

Oh looks tasty !

Looks way better than my cereals I had this morning ! lol

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Probably. But cereals take less time.

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lol, you bet

I plan on cooking my sons for their birthdays, Tomahawk steaks over coals. Their birthdays are the 31st and the 1st. So we are in for a good couple of nights.

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