What's cookin', Doc?


Apple pie and “Greek” fish. So called here, unknown in Greece, AFAIK.


Sorry @nwg I think I’ve missed a translation or something here?


Which part don’t you understand? AFAIK?


Maybe What s cookin doc. don t know.

Edit: didn t know it was that old;


It’s entirety. Sorry man, I’m lost (which shouldn’t surprise anyone).


lol, old farts like us don t understand anything ! lol


I heard that but seriously though…


Well, I’m always afraid of my English. If just Bugs Bunny was the reason, it’s not so bad.


nwg started a cooking thread.


Due to the time shift it might have been not the best possible moment.


It s alright with me @nwg

closed #14

opened #15


@nwg back open my friend.


Thanks! Shame that I’m disallowed to eat after 6 pm. :wink:


Good news @Dobbie03 .

Maybe the one that closed it tought it was some spamming, never know.


Yeah, well we are good to go again :smiley: They should have realised it as @nwg and left it as it is.


You’re safe, at least temporarily. I cooked enough cabbage rolls for today and tomorrow. :wink:


lol, well, bet it will be better than my macaroni salad.


I like pasta in every form. I could spend the rest of my life in Italy.