What WM/DE are you using?


Haha! I’m still in love with Openbox, but haven’t launched it for weeks. :smiley:


I was always an openbox user but after trying dwm i am sold, only a relative newbie to it but have half figured it out. I like it because it really makes the most out of the keyboard instead of being all mousey. Im finding i spend less time on the mouse and more time just switching through what i want with keybinds. Next wm might be xmonad if i can figure that out, haskell, ugh…


Well , might install it, never know if I ll like it, sounds weird using the keyboard instead of the mouse, might get too used to it I guess.


cant discredit openbox for lack of keybinds and such in the config but its a floater so if you are serious about what you want in your work space dwm is a better choice imo. Good thing about dwm is that it can handle floating windows too, so say you want a specific window to appear front and center at a certain geometry you can program that in, i just did it with deadbeef music player so it from now on its a floater with a meta-shift-d keybind or you can make rules for certain programs to be floating and such without keybinds. Biggest issue is getting around the various patches from suckless.org some are very hit and miss.


Thx for the comeback @s7l , will check it out later on.


I have a nice config file for that if you want to try it as a starting point:


But yes, Haskell is a bit of a pain for non-programmers, and the 1GiB of libraries for a “minimal” window manager is somewhat nonsensical :thinking:


Thanks for the offer, yeah you have to pull in all those deps to make it work and if running arch expect regular updates to haskell libraries too. Thats why i like dwm, it runs fine in glibc with little to no deps, cant say the same for musl libc though, that was a pain to get going in void musl and next time i try surf out there i might invest time in actually building webkit2gtk from scratch as i had some weird console errors pointing to incorrect css for publix/libsoup etc. I could use the pre built packages on void but its recommended by suckless to build yourself. Off topic a bit here sorry


That’s weird, I have no problems building it in Alpine Linux :confused:

Anyway, off-topic so we should stop now, sorry community.


Maybe im going about it the wrong way, it built first time around but with missing deps and i just needed the correct packages most in devel, maybe there is a meta package i missed? Once i figured out what it needed i had no further issues rebuilding for modifications etc. I must say though at 80mb upon starting x is pretty good memory usage. Iva actually deleted the partition with the void musl but ive backed it up via rsync and going to fully test out the backup on another drive very soon. As they say you dont test out your backup methods they are not really backups.

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