What WM/DE are you using?

In these months I’ve changed to i3 and I’m happy, everything is going better and I like the appearance. In CrunchBang, and then in BunsenLabs I used openbox. I will always take OB in my heart since it was the first thing I read about this new world that opened up for me. It’s been a few years

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Openbox, when I want to work with windows and a mouse. Normally i3-gapps. It makes my workflow so much faster.

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I’m still only using i3.

I have dwm and awesome installed but neither are set up properly.

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Openbox, recently experimenting with i3-gaps. GNOME still on on my disk, unused for months.

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Openbox, all else is but a shadow.

Openbox/tint2 at the moment but only because I can’t be bothered setting anything else up :smiley:

I may try bspwm+xfce4-panel but I have a feeling I will be drifting back to dwm because it doesn’t need volumeicon, xfce4-power-manager or any other extraneous programs running.

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I didn’t like it. If I only want to see 15 terminals on my screen one day, I’ll just use tilix. :slight_smile: Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s possible to have tint2 with dwm?

It’s certainly possible to have tint2 running as well as dwm but IIRC it places itself in it’s own window (dwm isn’t fully ewmh compliant) so it’s not much use.

Xmonad works with tint2 though and behaves similarly to dwm, as does bspwm.

Tilers are definitely an acquired taste, I prefer to do stuff from the command line, which is probably why dwm is such a good fit for me.

I’ve been playing with i3 lately, and I must say I like it.

Using spectrwm lately.

i3-gaps seems to be able to cover my entire workshop comfortably. I like it!


Recently Openbox and a bit of Fluxbox. Before that MATE has been my go to.

Which tiling WM would you guys recommend for someone taking a first look?

i3/i3-gaps or spectrwm. Straight forward setup.

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Open box on laptop. Xfce on desktop.

Interested in i3, but just font have enough hours to learn it at the moment.

I have just return to Openbox from i3gaps. I really like the minimalism of i3gaps, but I dislike having different desktops for every app, though I might return to i3gaps again later on.

I’m still loving i3 (no gaps, don’t see the point of them) though I do flirt with dwm behind i3’s back.


Still on OpenBox here, find it hard to change as I m too used to it.

Haha! I’m still in love with Openbox, but haven’t launched it for weeks. :smiley:

I was always an openbox user but after trying dwm i am sold, only a relative newbie to it but have half figured it out. I like it because it really makes the most out of the keyboard instead of being all mousey. Im finding i spend less time on the mouse and more time just switching through what i want with keybinds. Next wm might be xmonad if i can figure that out, haskell, ugh…

Well , might install it, never know if I ll like it, sounds weird using the keyboard instead of the mouse, might get too used to it I guess.