What WM/DE are you using?

  • i3wm
  • openbox
  • bspwm
  • KDE
  • Gnome-Shell
  • XFCE
  • dwm
  • Something else? (please specify in thread)

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I’m on i3 now. Used briefly this morning Openbox but found it frustrating. Doesn’t take long to get used to i3 at all.


i3 for me. It looked interesting when everyone on /r/unixporn was posting scrots, so I figured I’d try it out and I love it.


I had been trying for months to get into i3, when I was away overseas it was all I had setup on my laptop so I had to get used to it. Fell in love with it but it took a while to get it perfect on my desktop.


I try other WMs from time to time but I always end up back in dwm, it does everything I want in as few lines of code as possible — I’ve even forked it and stripped out all the Xinerama stuff to help with my irrational fear of ifdefs.


@natemaia is also a fan of dwm. I am yet to dip my toes into dwm.


i3 most of the time for me. I like its behavior, how it feels and I feel like it finally suits me.
xfce would be my second choice, and i’ll probably try to customize it in the future ^^


Imersion therapy - best way to switch over to a tiling wm.

Fluxbox most of the time, i3 the main alternative.

Tabbed windows FTW.


Openbox on my installs for quiet a while now.


Openbox predominately but have been toying with jwm… again.


I voted xfce, but I use more openbox.
So I should have voted openbox


Totally agreed. It worked for me :smiley:


O p e n b o x (FOREVER!!!) :joy:


The other exercise I tried was to set the default decor in Fluxbox and Fvwm to “border” so that I would have to use key binding to manipulate windows - weaning myself off the mouse. Did that for about 2 weeks. Surprised how much quicker and smoother the workflow was. Highly recommend it.

I also like to use Fvwm. Sort of addicted to window managers.


Hmmm, I personally like using a mouse so I don’t think I would want to go completely mouseless.

I’d really like to spend some time with fvwm.


I know what you mean. There was a pretty good discussion on a Slackware forum about keybindings v. Mouse - started as a thread about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I decided to do my own test. Not only changed the decor of fluxbox to border, but also installed cwm (no window decor, but excellent keybinding control).

cwm - yet another window manager I’ve used. Excellent minimal window manager; no window decorations, excellent keybinding support, one configuration file. OpenBSD project ported to Linux so the man pages are excellent.


I’ve seen that around on /r/unixporn. An interesting WM for sure. We are spoilt for choice.

Good thing is that you can get a mouse suited for that now. Its a vertical mouse.


@PackRat, you’ve probably seen these


Seen similar; don’t know anyone using one. I should check one out if I see it. Getting arthritis in my fingers.


I don’t know… Hope that’s more comfortable than it looks.