What were they thinking?


Quick look-in today to see where ArachLabs has got to - looking around - no pacli??? What were they thinking? Check with the guy with a pronounced limp - that 9mm shell must have made a hell of a hole in his foot!


Hi @mechanic, because pacli uses yaourt, it was decided to not have pacli installed. If you read this post, it may give you a better understanding.

Yaourt not being maintained


What distro is that one?

Maybe you could just install pacli yourself?


The easiest way to go.


It’s just a typo for goodness sake! No such package in the repos by the way. Is AUR still available? There are other tools that could be crowbarred into pacli if yaourt is dead.


Well you are welcome to do that then , I’d say.
There already are a couple of threads regarding AUR helpers here in the forum, in the archlinux forums and the archlinux wiki.
I am sure everybody here will be happy to help you as soon as you have figured out exactly what you want to know and learn to state this question properly.

Good luck.


Of course the AUR is still available. Yay seems to be the best options as far as AUR Helpers go.

On that note, as @xsme as stated there are already a few threads on this so I’m going to close this one as we don’t need another.