What Was Your Distro before AL




Have you ever played with Red Star?


No and I don’t ever intend to.


Just a quick question, if you connected Red Star to the Internet outside of North Korea, can it communicate to North Korean servers if you know by any chance?


Which North Korea server are you after?


First of all, am I going off topic if I am asking questions about Red Star?

Red Star OS sends data off to North Korean Government servers so just wondering if you are outside of North Korea and you run this OS, would it still be able to send data to the government?


It’s probably not off topic but probably a waste of time as I doubt anyone here has ever used it.

I’m not entirely sure why you would want to even test this theory…do you like playing with fire?!? :smiley:


Lol I wouldn’t, just curious of somebody had the answer.


My guess would be that, even if you manage to use the distro, there would be a filter that would block your data to go to north korea. I highly doubt they would let anyone or anything acess their network from outside, since it can be a major breach in their security.
Plus this distro seems ugly AF and I can’t see any reason to use it instead of, anything else ? x)


Why didn’t you google it? (not so LOL…)


Try explosives! I don’t think anyone would want to trifle with the North Korean government. You might as well pull on a tiger’s tail, with no cage between you and him. You’re also opening your own system for said government to exploit any personal information. :open_mouth::thinking:


…if you are outside of North Korea and you run this OS, would it still be able to send data to the government?

Which government? I’m sure the North Koreans will get it after the NSA and Chinese sift through it. :monkey_face:


Too true, too true.


First distro was Fedora, but only kept it 3 days to tinker (first Linux experience).
Second was Arch, but didn’t use it, only installed to get my hands on in Linux commands.

Third distribution was OBRevenge, which me and my friend installed illegaly on one of our school pcs to bypass that crapy windows admin protection (in order to play games) :rofl:
Now that I remember, if the caretaker would have seen us we would have been screwed, since we also took the pc apart and installed a old Graphics Card into it :laughing:

And at the end I settled with, you guess it, ArchLabs


Welcome home!


Tried most and hop a lot. ( Too many computers ).

Main computers have Manjaro and ArchLabs. ( Keepers )

Just got an buzz in my ear, must be a new Distro in release. :wink:


I used BunsenLabs on my laptops, now they work with ArchLabs. Anyway, I started with Arch and Crunchbang, according to the computer I played, I guess ArchLabs is my natural path.


Remember Crunchbang, also was on ArchBang for a little while.Was pretty good on distro hoping ! lol


Yees, I also remember ArchBang