What Was Your Distro before AL


Same here. I usually get the unofficial Slackware Current iso to keep the packages more up to date, but haven’t installed it in a while.

I was living in Las Vegas when I installed Slackare 8, was pretty much lost since I was new to Linux. Went to the Comdex convention downtown and the Slackware team manning the booth gave me 30 min tutorial on what to do post install. For all I know, I was talking to Patrick V.


BunsenLabs of course :wink:


Arch/Manjaro and Mint. Mucked with #! too.


mine was #!++ , and i have installed AntiX in an old laptop

  1. Mandriva
  2. Kurumin / Big Linux
  3. Ubuntu 10 / 11
  4. Antergos Xfce / KDE
  5. AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL hahahaha… :joy: and ready.

(I tested other distros more with the same base of others of the list)


Slackware is good but too tight.


It was Arch and Manjaro before AL, mostly because of simplified and faster installer. So when I found AL it was easy switch. And yeah, it introduced me to Openbox, before it was i3wm, 2bwm and dwm. Working with Openbox right now and it’s nice, decided to try it for some time.


For years I used Debian Testing with Openbox as my main system,but also used various distros with KDE as well,which I have to admit I still do now,hop between Archlabs and Arch with Plasma.
But then an update in Debian broke networking for me,could only get wifi working as a hotspot,and it was pretty hit and miss as to it working or not,none of the solutions that were supposed to fix it actually did,so it was time to say goodbye Debian.
It was during my time in the Linux wilderness looking for a new home,that I discovered Archlabs thank goodness!


Still using; xubuntu, lubuntu, manjaro


elementary OS has always been my fall back, as a linux noob. However, it was pretty demanding for my cheap chromebook.


Antergos Xfce/KDE and after that Manjaro Xfce. After changing to Manjaro i3 I had a lot of trouble with my virtualbox VMs. So I started looking for a new distro. Arch was a must. I saw some great reviews on YouTube and changed to archlabs. I whish I had discovered this distro sooner. It’s the best Linux distro I have ever used. A big big thank you to the developers.


It was and still is Arch w/bspwm on Thinkpad x201s.
Before that i’ve tried more than 200 distros… Hapilly landed on Archlabs :slight_smile:


Just before ArchLabs it was BunsenLabs


Fuck me. Really? 200! Im am such a distro prude. I stick with what I like. I guess ive tried 10 all up including AL.


What do you mean by too tight?


lol, I tried allot, don t know how many, might be over 100 for shure. SA while a bit I wasn t able to stick to a distro for more than a few days.


You can call me ‘vintage’ lol
I started with Debian (Ubuntu didn’t exist), DSL, Knoppix, Slax, Puppy, etc. Then i went on to Gentoo, and when i realized Arch was ‘the sh*t’, i never looked back :slight_smile: I tried others along the way, but i honestly couldn’t find anything good for me. I love OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD but it lacks some apps, and it’s also quite hard to get used to. Although i recon it’s easier than Linux to keep track of things.
I’ve tried different Arch distros, like #!, BlackArch, etc. But although i love Arch, i needed something i could install and configure faster. ArchLabs is just awesome! I just need to install it, download my dot-files and everything is good to go.


Red Star


Seriously? Wow! LOL


Jokes XDDD