What Was Your Distro before AL

What distribution did you use before ArchLabs?

I was on Arch pure. Prety obvious that I have used AL since the beginning.

Void linux - which is still my primary distro.

VSIDO - pretty solid Debian Sid build, but the installer doesn’t like my hardware :cry:

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I usually jumped between Solus, Ubuntu-MATE, and KDE Neon. Before those I’ve been a Fedora guy, Suse guy, started on Slackware years ago… Archlabs has made it pretty long so far.

I also have a secondary laptop that runs Manjaro, only because I can’t get my wifi card to work in Archlabs for that one.

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I had issues with my HP Craptop and the wifi for a while. Not sure how it was fixed though.

1)OSx 10.4 (Tiger) + XP
2)Limpus + XP
2)Xubuntu + Dinebolics (XP work only)
3)#! + (Window 7 work only)
4)Bodhi + Semplice + (Window 7 + OS X work only)
5)Manjaro XFCE + Bunsenlabs + (Window 7 work only)
current: Archlabs + Bunsenlabs + VSIDO + (Window 10 work only)

Maybe someday we can borrow whatever secret sauce Manjaro uses to get it working automatically…

That we might have to do.

@pippo and @PackRat, VSIDO, is it pretty solid?

I have it on an Acer AO110 that I barely switch on, but so far no problem at all

I’m gonna check it out on the Craptop.

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PacRat should be somehow involved with the devs, I installed it on that belief.
To have somebody to chase in case of problems :grin:

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@pippo - I moderate the VSIDO forum so ask away :grin:
Contribute a bit of fluxbox artwork and some scripting.
More of an idea man for the maim dev(s); there are two and both are having some health issues so the project is a bit dormant.

@dobbie - VSIDO is pretty solid, and vastone has a good set of tools installed by default to make it as user friendly as sid can be. Not as polished as far as the aesthetics go, but that’s just a few mouse clicks to get what you want.

He switched over to the installer Trios Linux uses (I think their dev built it from scratch) and it’s pretty good, but doesn’t play well with my hardware - the Trios dev monitors the installer thread though if you have issues. Nobody else seems to have install issues. I usually install it on my custom desktop I built back around 2000 - but ArchLabs is on that computer now.

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I had a hp p7-1076 or something like that. But, I put in intel DH67BL motherboard, a bluray drive, a 2 TB hybrid hdd, a 2 TB HDD, and a 500 watt power supply. The only thing that really is left of the original hp is the cabinet, fans, screen, and some cords.
Now I have used, Ubuntu, Mint, Antergos, Manjaro, and one I will not mention.

Was vastone part of the original BL crew? I remember him from the #! Forum days.

Linux mint(cinnamon)

I don’t think he was with #! originally. He eventually became a moderator in the forum. I think he was the one that convinced S11 to leave Ubuntu and go to #!. VSIDO started out as a #! inspired Sid distro with Xfce as the de.

He has had nothing to do with BL that I’m aware of.

Last " distro " wasn’t really a distro . I used Architect installer to install Arch and customised it to my liking.
I have tried others, Ob revenge, Arch anywhee ( Anarchy ) and of course Manjaro.
Apart from when I used Architect for a base-install, the others seemed not quite as problem-free as I would have liked.
Manjaro, in particular , seemed to be less responsive on certain Desktops than others .
Arch-Labs is as close to an Architect install as possible. It just works!

BTW, If any of the more techie Arch guys here like experimenting with your own set-ups have a look at Obarun.

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#!, BunsenLabs, and a general interest for distros with Openbox. The interest is quite dorment at the moment though. :slight_smile:

Before VSIDO, I tried other versions of straight-up Debian - mostly Testing or Sid.

First distro ever installed was Slackware 9 - been a lot of distro hopping between then and now.

I started on Slackware at the end of the 90’s… I am tempted now and again to give it a go again…but never commit.

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