What TV Shows are you watching?

I’m grateful it wasn’t a major cliffhanger finale. Not that there aren’t a lot of questions remaining…


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Enjoyable in one sense, but a completely bizarre way to end a season. It compared with the Game of Thrones finale, it felt lacking and in no way did it leave me hoping Season 2 was on its way.

It just ended. Like I said earlier, each episode was presented as though it was a level in the game. The acting was amazing, but the flow of the show was odd, and now I look back on the season it seems as though we were meant to know the storyline of the game itself to understand the show.

I think I will watch the season again to see if there is anything I missed.

I was especially disappointed in the distinct lack of Zombies. But hey, to each their own, and I am sure many people REALLY enjoyed it all.

Yes, exactly. When viewed as 9 (or let’s say 6) separate levels/stories it did fit the description as derided from a game. And I don’t care for gaming hahahaha. The whole cordyceps story fizzled out, as did the enormous Quake-like monsters. A lot of loose ends there, and imho it did lack a cohesive storyline (other than the quest idea), where we would start off and after a big roundabout finally all or most pieces come together, with a surprising twist here and there. This is what shows like the Sopranos, Homeland, Luther and GoT did and it left you anxiously looking for the date when the new season would start. Entertaining TV it was, for me not a lot more, but I did really enjoy the weekly catch-up here on the forum. Thanks mate, on to the next one :star_struck:

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This, I also felt in the first few episodes a real sense of foreboding. This soon passed.

What I just found out was there was apparently a time jump of 3-4 months in the timeline between episode 8 and 9. Now, that was far from obvious. I suspected there was because they went from winter to something that wasn’t winter, but that was just a brief thought.

I still believe the intended audience was the lovers and players of the game itself. Though I may contradict myself below.

As did I, especially as I don’t know a single person who has watched the show, everyone I know has played the game lol. One mate looked at me like I asked if his wife was available for the weekend…he was almost disgusted I even brought the subject up :smiley:

My thanks to you, maybe we should start Slow Horses again and go episode to episode?

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Slow Horses is another one of those gems. Gotta say they stick pretty close to the books (which I know, and the game I don’t :wink: It’s certainly worth our time, though looking at something completely new is more ‘exciting’ (if you could sat that about AL’ers watching TV).

I think there was a 3 second sub stating April or so. But indeed skipping those large chunks of time didn’t help either, it feels like another episode and you might’ve missed some key developments.

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I was unaware the series was based on a book. I shall dig further.

Ah that explains it. I will rewatch the season I think.

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It’s a series of books written by Mick Herron, and a part of his Slough House series. Let me know if you’d like an epub, I think I’ve got them almost all, including Slow Horses.

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I’ll flick you a PM. Cheers! :heart:

The final episode of “Your Honor” S2 was something special.
Bryan Cranston only gets better. Must see.
S1 was good, but S2 was great.


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Absolutely agree with you! S02 was great (have to watch the finale today). And Bryan Cranston is indeed superb (even when he almost looked like Saddam Hussein)

PS: Amazing indeed. Happy it will continue.