What TV Shows are you watching?

Superheros and Supervillains with Superpowers, endless battles with endless blood and endless gore; spectacular crashes, spectacular explosions and spectacular whatever; is not my thing.

But I’ll give it a look on your word. Added to watch list.

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It’s a satire. One group is a bunch of media whores and corrupt, but marketed as heroes.

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Friendly nonsense. Again, at least well made by Apple.


Kevin Bacon can be effing annoying, at least I always thought so. But he kinda grows on you. Season 3 just started; a nice, entertaining series

I never liked BCS; I was a Breaking Bad guy. Love me Walter and Hank. But i caught up quickly after 3 seasons and it’s soooo good! Final season, episode 11 is called Breaking Bad, this is where all loose ends will be tied together. What a story. What happened to Kim? Pollos Hermanos? The Salamancas? With a guest appearance of Carol Burnett you know that everyone who’s got something to add to TV in the US will be included. No spoilers please :wink:

lately i’ve been watching tiny homes and van life. I will never do it, but it is just fun to watch.


My wife watches the tiny home show every now and then.

I just started Yellowjackets last night. Feels like a take on Lord of the Flies somewhat. Still undecided if I will stick with it.