What TV Shows are you watching?


A variation of our Movie thread.

What TV series are you guys watching?

I’ve picked up on The Walking Dead again…haven’t watched it since season 7.

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The only one I really watch (or at least listen to) is “The Big Bang Theory”. As the TV hangs on the wall 2 meters behind my head, I also happen to listen to “Friends” or whatever is currently on Comedy Central. :wink:



I am hanging out for the final season of Game of Thrones and also the Z Nation prequel Black Summer.

Both are gonna be pretty sweet.



Sadly, I really don’t view any series. For the most part, I check the financial networks in the morning then try to catch a football or hockey game when on. Other than that - Not really a TV watcher. Mostly keep tabs on my fav Linux YouTube vids and that’s it.

I know - BORING! :slight_smile:

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We all like different things.

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US version of What We Do In The Shadows just started up here. Getting a good laugh from that.

South Park the only series I make a point to watch

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I hope they don’t cock that up. They have a brilliant base to start from.



It’s pretty funny. Probably be limited by the US censorship laws. I was surprised they dropped a couple f-bombs; they’re pushing the envelope.

Was the energy vampire in the NZ version?

I’m still upset that People of Earth didn’t get renewed for a third season.



The second season of Tin Star. Lead actor is Tim Roth (think pulp fiction, reservoir dogs actor).

Finished watching Mr Mercedes season 2, based on trilogy written by Stephen King. But found out they havent followed the books properly, so wont be reading them but one more season to go to finish out the trilogy.



I just started watching the UK version i think or is that the US version with english actors?



The US version has New Zealand/English actors as the main vampires; I don’t know if the one is an actual Turk/East European. The only American is the energy vampire.



I really loved Mr Robot season 1. Didn’t even dare to start season 2
I do not have a TV, so maybe I am missing the point?



So i must be watching the US version, cheers.



@pippo You should try and get the rest of the seasons, one of the best series of our generation imo.



I was so amazed with season 1 (despite some technical nonsense I’ve spotted) that I didn’t want to spoil it.
Do you reckon the other seasons are worth it?



I thought they were worth it, too many unanswered questions in season 1 to just leave it alone.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a go.

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I’m enjoying Star Trek Discovery, it’s nonsense but fun.

The second series isn’t as good as the first but I still like it.



No it didn’t, no Energy Vampire.

The movie is great, it’s a great take on flatting in NZ but as a vampire :smiley:



I thought the energy vampire was pretty funny because I’ve worked with people just like his character (suck out your life energy with innane conversation). The actor that plays him was in The Office so it’s a joke within a joke.