What to do, what to do, what to do (in other words, just some ramblings)

Whelp - like a god bit of us, we’re now how-bound. Work from home begins Monday (and that’s Ok for now). With that, I think it’s time for a project tonight. I have been using Cinnamon for a spell now. I flipped from i3. Oddly enough (and with all the work that goes into a WM) I seem to be wanting to revist i3 again.

LOL - part of me misses the way I used to have my work-flow, but part of me (simply due, in part, to laziness I suppose) says why bother?!?!

Yes, I know there are other WM to pick from so if I go down that path, why not something brand new. Here again, partly from the inner sigh Ifollowed by the inner-voice that says, “Do you really want to do all that work… again… but under another language?”

After all, I just finished a small script to let me know when I have updates (since I don’t do pamac - and only use baph for the AUR) under Cinnamon. Why change… AGAIN!!!

See this is just odd. Where most folks would probably just distro hop, my erge is to waste my work-flow to try is under another DE/WM.

In retrospect, I suppose its pretty silly to get all wound up about switching out DE/WM when I should just … DRINK!!!

So, sadly what may happen for a Saturday night may just end up being that poem I learnt in my teen years - Here I sit all broken hearted, tried to shit - but only farted. Tried so hard my face turned red, wiped my arse, then went to bed :wink:


lol, take a beer it will pass…lol

(I mean DE hoppings )lol

Don t know why, I m pretty much on OpenBox & XFCE.Might be too used to these 2.

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I’ve been tweaking my dwm setup to perfection.


Oh and drinking beer too…Macs Black. A most excellent porter, though I do like it a little more porter-y

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Yes, why bother? :grin:

Well Ok. Revisit this thread. No, I didn’t drink. No, I didn’t go back to i3. No, I have not dropped Cinnamon … Well, not completely that is. I did however, opt for bspwm. So while I take my time playing with bspwm, I still hop into Cinn for my daily work flow.

I do expect that over time, I’ll be fully immersed in bspwm. I have several weeks of work from home so I’m in no hurry. While half our belongings are still in Illinois this prevents me from really getting back into building guitar effects.

Fortunately, I do have my Ovation electric acoustic here and at least I can improve my playing while dipping into bspwm.

Anyways, back to the configs :wink:


I wish you the best and happy configgning. :slight_smile:

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I started learning Rust, and liked The Book up to the Chapter 6 (of 21). Enums and Pattern Matching exhausted me enough, to take a break, and add some improvements to nwg-launchers, which I omitted initially.